Turbo Fiesta

Turbo Fiesta

Run an interstellar restaurant


  • Great graphics
  • Decent gameplay and challenges


  • Only one diner to serve in
  • Levels increase in difficulty too quickly

Not bad

What is it about restaurants that gets developers' creative juices flowing?

It seems that there is a plethora of games devoted to food-related activities, usually running your own restaurant or cafe, and Turbo Fiesta takes that principle into space! Rebecca and Robert are taking their fast food empire to totally new heights. With personal space travel booming, people are apparently taking more and more lunch breaks in space - and in the Turbo Fiesta restaurant, they want more than that vacuum-sealed powdered gunk that astronauts have to eat.

Your Turbo Fiesta diner is populated by all kinds of characters whose hungry stomachs you have to satisfy in double quick time. No sooner has one finished, than another one wants to make his or her order.

The graphics are truly excellent as are the slick sound effects although the soundtrack starts driving you mad after a while. You control Rebecca and Robert via your mouse, although the response times to you sending them to serve customers can be a bit sluggish.

With more than 50 levels, Turbo Fiesta will definitely keep you going for a while and provides a fair few hours of astronomical and gastronomical fun.

Turbo Fiesta


Turbo Fiesta

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